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Maintain Social Connection After Retirement

Expand your social network before retirement. Those who socialize on a regular basis before they retire are more likely to maintain at least some of those relationships in retirement. “People tended to become lonelier after retirement if they had little contact
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Social Interaction for Seniors

When you go to work every day, you probably see familiar faces, say hello to your favorite co-workers and eat lunch with at least one or two regulars. You might talk about last night’s game, a new recipe you discovered
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Spring Gardening Guide

Benefits of gardening for older people Gardening is beneficial for older people because of it: Is an enjoyable form of exercise Increases levels of physical activity and helps mobility and flexibility Encourages use of all motor skills Improves endurance and
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5 Spring Activities

1. Get outside and enjoy nature After being cooped up indoors all winter, it will feel great to get some fresh air and sunshine. Keep your older adult comfortable with plenty of layers, a hat, or a light scarf. For
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How to Enjoy The Spring Season

Each year we anticipate spring. Winter often is challenging both physically and emotionally. We are ready to move from the cold weather and enjoy the vibrancy of spring colors and the warmth of the sun. Spring gives us a new
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4 Weekly Activities to Improve Senior Heart Health

1. Shop Smart The American Heart Association lists eating well as one of its Simple 7 steps for optimal heart health. This can be harder than it sounds, particularly for seniors. Begin by reviewing the foods your loved one is
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12 Springtime Activities for Seniors

1. Choose a local park or nature trail for walks. Many landmarks, local parks and even nature trails are appropriate for seniors (and are wheelchair accessible)! Do a little research ahead of time to find out what outdoor nature destination
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Guide to Medical Alert Systems – Best Emergency Response Monitoring

Guide to Medical Alert Systems – Best Emergency Response Monitoring Your mother has always been independent. Now, it seems that she is a bit more unsteady than in years past, causing you to worry more. There are options you could
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Help Prevent Slips and Falls in and Around Your Home

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), common locations for falls include doorways, stairwells, cluttered hallways and areas prone to wetness and spills. Here are some things the NSC suggests doing to help prevent slips and falls in these and
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4 Reasons Independence Is Important for Seniors

Loss of independence can be discouraging to older adults. They have spent their entire lives living independently, working jobs, raising families, and making decisions. The natural effects of aging can sometimes make independent living harder than it once was. Difficulties
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9 Important Stretching Exercises for Seniors to Do Every Day

It’s never too late to get your stretch on. In fact, if you’re a senior looking to gain more independence, mobility, and flexibility (which can help you avoid falls and other injuries), stretching just might be your new best friend. Studies
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People are already falling on the ice. Here are a few tips to avoid falling

You can minimize your risk of falling on the ice.  The Penguin walk helps remind us how to walk on ice. Keeping your weight forward and on your front foot will help with weight distribution. Keeping your arms out by
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5 Exercises to Improve Mobility for Seniors

Mobility is key to maintaining independence, especially as people age — and for seniors, the loss of mobility has profound social, psychological, and physical consequences. If joints and muscles aren’t properly maintained, basic movements may cause pain or even injury.
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Tips for a Safe Winter Season

It’s that time of the year again when families and friends get together to spend quality time and create new memories. Winter is especially difficult for seniors making them more vulnerable to the risks posed by plunging temperatures, snow, slippery
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Yoga for Seniors

Yoga refreshes your mind and spirit. Tones your body. Keeps your internal organs and hormonal system in balance. All the more reason for people of all ages to do yoga. Here are some FAQs about yoga for seniors: 1. Can seniors
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45 Safety Tips For Seniors

Simple steps to increase safety at home and away from home. A recent study conducted for the National Institute of Aging found that about 22 percent of elderly Americans age 71 and older—about 5.4 million people—are already experiencing some degree
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Range of Motion Exercises and How They Benefit You

You may have heard of range of motion exercises before but what are they really and how do they benefit you? Range of motion exercises are performed to help maintain mobility and flexibility to help improve joint function. Range of
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