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People are already falling on the ice. Here are a few tips to avoid falling

You can minimize your risk of falling on the ice.  The Penguin walk helps remind us how to walk on ice. Keeping your weight forward and on your front foot will help with weight distribution. Keeping your arms out by
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5 Exercises to Improve Mobility for Seniors

Mobility is key to maintaining independence, especially as people age — and for seniors, the loss of mobility has profound social, psychological, and physical consequences. If joints and muscles aren’t properly maintained, basic movements may cause pain or even injury.
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Tips for a Safe Winter Season

It’s that time of the year again when families and friends get together to spend quality time and create new memories. Winter is especially difficult for seniors making them more vulnerable to the risks posed by plunging temperatures, snow, slippery
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Yoga for Seniors

Yoga refreshes your mind and spirit. Tones your body. Keeps your internal organs and hormonal system in balance. All the more reason for people of all ages to do yoga. Here are some FAQs about yoga for seniors: 1. Can seniors
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45 Safety Tips For Seniors

Simple steps to increase safety at home and away from home. A recent study conducted for the National Institute of Aging found that about 22 percent of elderly Americans age 71 and older—about 5.4 million people—are already experiencing some degree
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Range of Motion Exercises and How They Benefit You

You may have heard of range of motion exercises before but what are they really and how do they benefit you? Range of motion exercises are performed to help maintain mobility and flexibility to help improve joint function. Range of
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