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Benefits of a Medical Alert System: Your Personal Help Button

Medical alert systems save lives. Studies show that if you can receive medical assistance within one hour following an emergency, there is a 90% chance that you will maintain your independence. Some call this the “Golden Hour.” Through the use of a personal help button, a medical alert system can ensure that you or a loved one gets help when it is needed most. The benefits of a medical alert system are widespread and can include:


Affordability & Privacy.

With the costs of nursing homes, assisted living centers, and private in-home health care services increasing each year, medical alert systems continue to gain ground as an affordable alternative care option for seniors and individuals with medical conditions. A medical alert system also enables individuals to live a more private lifestyle by remaining in their own homes.


Independence & Comfort.

Medical alert systems enable seniors and individuals with medical conditions to maintain their independence and to live comfortably in their own homes longer without having to depend on others to check in on them regularly.


Availability & Responsiveness.

Medical monitoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when you choose one of our medical alert systems. If emergency assistance is required, with a push of a button, you can speak to trained emergency medical personnel from the Galaxy Medical Alert Response Center within seconds through a 2-way voice communication device. The Galaxy Medical Alert Response Center employs trained and certified healthcare professionals that have the knowledge and experience to effectively respond to emergency medical situations.


Safety & Peace-of-Mind.

With one of our medical alert system’s, yourself and your loved ones will feel better and can have peace-of-mind knowing that it is safe for you to be alone because you will have access to emergency medical help through the Galaxy Medical Alert Response Center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, should you need it.


Functional & Expansive.

There are many different medical alert systems on the market that cater to individual needs and activity levels. We have systems that offer pendants that are waterproof for use in the shower or swimming pool. We have systems that have a broader range to monitor individuals in and around their homes, on vacation, and on the go. Connectivity also varies for our medical alert systems, with some accommodating for landline, VoIP, and cellular technology. Medical alert systems can also function to detect falls, to monitor medication compliance, and to detect unsafe carbon monoxide levels, fire, and smoke.


Easy Setup & Easy to Use.

Our medical alert systems are easy to set up and easy to use with just a push of a button. For most of our systems, there is a base unit that is placed in a central area of the home and plugged in to a standard wall electrical outlet and a personal help button (pendant) that is worn by the individual in need of monitoring. If an emergency is occurring, simply push the personal help button to alert the Galaxy Medical Alert Response Center, which is staffed by emergency medical personnel that are ready and able to assist with the situation.


Medical alert systems are essential life-saving tools for aging individuals and those with medical concerns. Since there are so many different options to choose from, when selecting the medical alert system that is right for you or a loved one it is always best to contact an industry professional that can help you choose the right system for your lifestyle. Galaxy Medical Alert Systems’ friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives are waiting by the phone to assist you with getting the medical alert system that suits your needs! Call us today! 1 855 905 7414

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