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Guide to Medical Alert Systems – Best Emergency Response Monitoring

Guide to Medical Alert Systems – Best Emergency Response Monitoring

Your mother has always been independent. Now, it seems that she is a bit more unsteady than in years past, causing you to worry more. There are options you could consider for her well-being. An assisted living facility, in-home care, or check-ins several times daily.

These are all options that your mother would most likely resist. Her independence would be limited. Her lifestyle would change. There is another way to keep her safe, while maintaining her dignity and independence is a medical alert device.

Here, a simple breakdown guide to medical alert systems will help you or your loved one understand how these devices work. Remember, the best medical alert systems are the ones that work for your lifestyle.

Medical alert systems are wearable emergency response devices that a senior family member can use to call for help in times of distress. These devices use a base unit that can contact help in the event of a fire, fall, home break-in, or other emergency. Basically, the wearer presses an alert button when they need help. There are many different kinds of units, so do your homework before you buy.

Two common types of services are monitored and non-monitored service. A small monthly fee will be charged and varies by company, location and services provided.

However, The old saying, “You get what you pay for” really applies in these instances.


Monitored Emergency Response Services

If you live far from friends or family, or if you live in secluded areas, monitored services may be right for you or your loved one. Pressing the alert button will call a live representative on the inside unit. Two-way conversation allows the representative to contact the right service for you, whether it’s an ambulance, fire truck, or police officer to assist you. Monitored service makes it easier to stay independent while being connected to people if you need them. From basic service to monitoring for fire, smoke, and break-ins, or falls – these devices can truly be life-savers for those who have no help nearby in the event of an emergency. You can also read this guide on how our medical alert systems work.

Fall Detector System


Un-Monitored Services

If you have a strong support system, including nearby neighbors and friends or family, unmonitored services may be a good fit for you. The devices work the same way, by pressing an alert button a home unit is notified. The difference is that there is no live representative. Instead, a pre-recorded message is sent to a contact list that you select. The list could include your children, a nearby neighbor, a close friend – etc. These people will receive a message that lets them know you need help now.

This guide to medical alert systems gives you, the user, a basic understanding of devices to allow you to decide what device, monthly fees, and services will help you the most.

Whether monitored or unmonitored, you will want amazing customer service. If you call during an emergency, you expect a response from your service provider. Without a response, you are wasting your money on the whole system. The best medical alert systems have outstanding service with great consumer ratings, prompt replies, and qualified personnel who can alert emergency responders.


Ultimate Peace Of Mind with GPS Systems

To give yourself and family members peace of mind, choose a device that you will wear all of the time. The device will be useless if it’s on the dresser when you fall in the shower. Selections are huge, making it easy to find something you love. Choose from watches, bracelets, necklaces and pendants in a variety of colors and styles to please you. For many seniors, the waterproof options are important. You will want to wear it in the shower or bath if you are prone to falls. Models that detect falls are life-savers in many situations. If you fall and are knocked unconscious or are unable to press the button, the alert signal will be sent automatically to your contacts or the representative.

Some models have GPS built in. If you love to take walks, garden or do things outdoors, or if you are experiencing memory or cognitive decline, these models are very helpful. If you become lost or hurt in your yard or surrounding areas, the GPS medical alert system can help emergency services to find you quickly. For those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, this option can literally be the difference between life and death.


Contact Galaxy Medical Alert Today!

Before you give up your independence and way of living, consider getting a medical alert system for yourself or a loved one needing monitoring. The peace of mind that comes with knowing help is just a button press away is priceless. The prices of monitoring services are designed to fit just about any budget. The design options for the devices allow you to match any wardrobe or style. Safety and independent living are always preferable to giving up your home and lifestyle. Consider a system today.





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