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Safe At Home

PERS Assessment/Evaluation Form

A Personal Emergency Response System or PERS is a live two-way voice hands-free communication system that functions similarly to a speakerphone and consists of a base unit and a remote, waterproof personal emergency help button that is worn by an individual as a pendant/necklace or bracelet to get emergency assistance at the push of a button.

Download and complete our PERS Assessment/Evaluation Form to see if a Personal Emergency Response System is recommended.

Download Our Free Assessment Form (PDF)

FREE Assessment Form


This Card Can Save Your Life

We care about the well-being of seniors and at risk individuals and we want everyone to stay safe at home. We have created these Paramedic Fridge Magnets that we will mail out to you FREE OF CHARGE, which can be used to record your medical history and emergency contact information so that it is readily available for paramedics to reference in the event you are unable to communicate during an emergency.

This card can save your life

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