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How It Works

Galaxy Medical Alert Systems offers a solution to enable people of all abilities to live independently with an invaluable sense of security knowing that help is only a push-of-a-button away. Our personal emergency response systems (PERS) provide our customers with unlimited access to our Galaxy Medical Alert Response Center via live two-way voice communication using a medical alert system pendant or base unit.

The safety pendant or personal help button is a transmitter that wirelessly connects to a base unit located within the home and can be several hundred feet away. The base unit is connected to a phone line and is plugged into an electrical outlet. The pendant can be worn as a necklace, worn on a belt with a provided clip, or worn on a wrist (like a watch). When the personal transmitter button on the pendant is pressed, a call is automatically sent to the Galaxy Medical Alert Response Center who will speak with you about your emergency.

Certified EMTs (emergency medical technicians) will receive your call at the Galaxy Medical Alert Response Center and assess the situation. They will communicate with you and, if necessary, call for emergency services (ambulance, police, fire department) to be sent directly to your location. They will simultaneously send your vital medical information to first responders to give you the best care possible. In the event of non-life threatening calls, any of your pre-designated contacts (family member, friend, neighbor, or employer) can be immediately notified of your emergency and if necessary, come to your assistance.


How a Medical Alert System Works


1 Press the Transmitter Button for Emergency Assistance
If there is an emergency and you require help, press the transmitter button on the pendant or base unit and a signal will be immediately sent to trained medical professionals at our Galaxy Medical Alert Response Center.
2 Two-way Voice Communication with a Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
EMTs at the Galaxy Medical Alert Response Center will receive your call, respond to your emergency, and will assess the situation to determine if emergency services need to be dispatched. If you are unable to communicate at anytime with the EMT, emergency services will be automatically sent to your location.
3 Medical Help is on the Way
Emergency services will be sent to your location. The Galaxy Medical Alert Response Center will provide paramedics or first responders with your vital medical information. Your personal contacts will be notified of your emergency and we will remain on the line with you until help has arrived.
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